About The Community Project


The Community Project is located in downtown Erie, CO. We have been fortunate enough to have recently acquired a permanent home at 480 Cheesman street. We are beginning our capital fundraising campaign and community outreach program to begin to get to know our neighbors and turn our vision into a reality. We are looking forward to becoming a part of our new community.


We have four major goals:


Our mission is to affect positive change in the world around us through the development of creative communities.

Our Team

Alex Andrews

Alex and a handful of others started The Community Project in 2005 when Alex noticed that concerts/shows often drew a crowd, whereas most of the fundraising events that that he attended weren’t so fortunate. Alex had volunteered at KGNU (Boulder Community Access Radio) for several years at that point and had become acquainted with several bands. He began to use his multimedia capabilities to help promote bands and nonprofits, thus The Community Project was born. The Community Project became a bridge, of sorts, between artists and the nonprofit sector. Throughout the next 5 years, The Community Project facilitated many charitable events bringing the two populations together for a common goal. In 2010, The Community Project had to be put on hold as Alex’s career in the world of Developmental Disabilities had begun to require much more of his attention.

Alex began his career within the field of developmental disabilities when he was 20, working as a direct support staff for those with significant behavioral challenges. Since then, he has worked in various aspects of disability service, most recently as Technology Architect for a Boulder County service agency, overseeing the development of technological plans for people with disabilities. He has also facilitated a host home for individuals with disabilities for 16 of those 20 years, concurrently. In 2015, Alex was awarded the ANCOR DSP (Direct Service Professional) of the Year for his work with challenging behavior and implementation of technological solutions for persons with disabilities. Alex and his wife, Diana, continue to support individuals with disabilities in their Erie, Colorado home.

Again, as life does, opportunities were presented late in 2015 that allowed space for The Community Project to start to regenerate. Throughout 2016, preparations were made, ideas formed and a small community was built. By mid-September everything had lined up and The Community Project was brought back from stasis, resumed its 501c3 status, and now is ready to continue its mission fueled by 6 years of new experiences.

Shane Oliphant

Shane is a seasoned operations executive with extensive experience in the software, service, retail, and non-profit sectors. Most of his career has been spent providing exceptional customer experiences. Shane enjoys the challenges of managing all types of situations and financial numbers. Yep, you read that right, loves numbers. Two of his other loves are technology and music, which he hopes will benefit The Community Project. He believes in providing to those in need and relishes in the thought of giving back to the community he lives in. Volunteering is a substantial part of his adult life. He received his education from the University of Colorado-Boulder, Regis University, and life.

Shane is a Colorado native who has four children. They all enjoy sports and the beautiful Colorado outdoors.